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One Topic and two student posts – Australian Football League

April 16, 2012 · 5 Comments · Finding Out, Student Post

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AFL is an Australian sport. You have 22 people in each team. You have 18 people on the ground playing. 4 people on the bench including one substitute just in case people get hurt.

The rules are: no sling tackling, no tackles over the shoulder and no holding the ball for over 15 metres without bouncing.

Goals – there are 4 posts, 2 big ones and 2 small ones. If you kick the ball through the big posts you score 6 points. If you kick it through the small posts you get 1 point. Also you have 4 quarters which have 20 minutes.

Harrison and Jack

Football is a great game. The rules for under 11′s are:

  • no tackling
  • no pushing
  • no punching
  • no kicking people
  • no sling tackling
  • no high tacking
  • no holding the ball
  • no tripping
The quarters are for 15 minutes and we have 4 quarters. Then in between the quarters we have 5 minutes rest and for a huddle to talk. We have 18 on the field at one time and 3 subs.
Will and Sam
Do you play a sport or you might even play football (AFL)? Please leave a comment about your sport.



  • Scott Quilty

    Hi and many thanks for your blog about AFL

    I am quite new to Australia and like Footy very much, I am an Essendon supporter.

    I grew up in NZ and played rugby which is very popular in NZ. Like AFL you have to be careful not to hurt others when you play Rugby. Do you know much about Rugby? in some ways it is similar to AFL but it is also quite different.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Mrs S

      @ Scott

      Thanks very much for leaving a comment on our class blog. I was hoping that one of my class would check in and answer your question but they must be busy doing other things. I do not know very much about Rugby.

      Mrs S

  • Tate

    Hi 4-5 Ds,
    I play hockey, soccer, and free style snowbording but I have not played Football. My favourite sport is hockey. I can be kind of dangerous like your football sounds. Do you have to wear protective equipment when you play football? Next year I might play lacrosse. You need protection for that sport.
    from tate

    • Mrs S

      @ Tate

      Thanks for the great comment. Snowboarding sounds like fun. Very sorry that the boys who wrote the post have not answer your question. I am travelling at the moment and had hoped that the class would check in to answer comments if needed.

      Mrs S

  • Jessica

    Hi Jack, Harrison, Will and Sam,

    I don’t play football but I play in an all girls soccer team. I also do dancing which is a sport.


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