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Working on Inferring

August 31, 2012 · 24 Comments · Art, Books and Reading, In The Classroom

Last week Mrs S worked with us on the reading skill of inferring meaning. We use the knowledge that we already have (our schema) with the evidence that we can see in a picture or read in some text to make inferences when we read.

We looked at some pictures on the IWB to begin with and wrote down what we could see and then our inferences. For example one of the pictures was of a girl with a very big smile. We inferred that she was happy because of our background knowledge about smiles meaning someone is happy.

We worked on a sheet from Have Fun Teaching. It had a short piece of writing about a boy and his Dad. They were grabbing towels because it was a sunny, hot Saturday. The text did not tell us where they were going so we were asked to use our inferring skill to suggest a destination.

Most of us suggested that they were going to the beach or a pool and we used our schema about hot, sunny days and the words in the text to justify our inferences. One class member also did a very good job of using evidence from the text and his own schema to suggest that they were going to have a water-fight in the garden. He pointed out that the text did not tell us that they had taken bathers and that on hot days he had water-fights in his garden. It was great to see how he used both text evidence and his schema to justify his inference.

Part of the worksheet asked us to draw a picture of where the boy and his Dad went. We only had twenty minutes to do our drawings. Mrs S has created an Animoto of them. Take a look.

Do you like going to the beach or a pool on hot, sunny days? Have you had a water-fight in your backyard? Please leave a comment describing a trip to the pool or a water-fight you have had.



  • Ella

    Hi class,
    I love a good day at the beach and a good water fight.
    I wish I had a pool but mum won’t let us.
    Does anyone have a pool?


    • Maddie

      Hi Ella,
      I don’t have a pool but I really want one!
      From Maddie

    • Emily

      Hi Ella
      I don’t have a pool but my friend Ruby who lives around the road from me does so I just walk up after asking her parents and jump right in. Does anyone live near the beach?

      • Maddie

        Hi Emily,
        I live near the beach which is great in summer because we can just walk down and swim!
        From Maddie

      • Ayla

        Dear Emily,
        I live very close to Bellerive beach but even closer to Bellerive yacht club where my grand parents live. I go there more and swim or waf ski around there. Does any one know what a waf ski is?
        Regards Ayla

        • Maddie

          Hi Ayla,
          I have no idea what a waf ski is. (Although, I don’t know much about boats or skis or any of that kind of stuff! I am guessing it is a kind of water ski?
          Does any body know what a waf ski is or am I the only one who doesn’t know?

          • Mrs S

            Hi Maddie

            Great reply for this comment. I think that Ayla might mean a wave ski. It is a mix between a kayak and a surfboard. You can paddle around on it. If you are very good you can ride waves like a surfer does.

            Mrs S

          • Maddie

            That would explain it! (I still don’t really know what it is though!)

  • Phoebe

    Hi Class,
    I love going to the pool in summer! Once in the summer holidays, I walked outside and my brother and step brother grabbed me and squirted me with water pistols!!
    Kind Regards,

  • Jack

    Hi Class,
    I like having water fights with Ben. We get about 8 water ballons each and run around the house throwing them at each other. I love going to the beach and at our shack we go down to the beach every day. Also I love going to the pool.


  • Katherine

    Hi Class,

    I go to the pool quite often seeming that it’s about 2 minutes away. I also go to Clifton beach lots too because I do Nippers. I have also been caught in a rip. Has anyone else been caught in a rip?


    • Maddie

      Hi Katherine,

      I have never been caught in a rip and I am glad that I haven’t. I wish that I will never be caught in one!

  • will

    To class 4/5DS
    Yes like going to the pool and going to the beach too. I also like going out on boats in summer. Summer is so fun, it is awesome!

    Kind Regards

  • Ebony

    Hi Class,
    I have done all of these things. I love the pool and it is usually warm, which I like. Water fights are really fun too. I aways play with my brothers.

    From Eb

  • Bradley

    Hi Class,
    I did have a pool but it got a hole in it so its wrecked. It was only a little one.I would love a big pool for a hot summer day.
    We usally go to Howrah or Seven Mile beach if it’s a hot day. I dont really have water fights but they are fun.

    From Bradley

  • lewis

    Hello Class,

    At my house we don’t have a pool in our back yard but at our Grandma and Grandpa’s house they have a really nice pool but we don’t use it anymore. I do have lots of water fights only on HOT days! We don’t go to the pool much because we go up to our shack.


  • Thomas

    Hi class,
    My grandparents used to have a pool when they lived in Perth and we would go in it every day. But they moved houses and they live about 2 kilometres away from us. I have never had a water fight but I really want to.

    Regards Thomas

  • Emily

    Hi Class,
    I love going to the beach or the pool on a hot sunny day. But my favourite thing is having a water fight with my sister because I always get the hose and squirt her . It is so Much Fun!
    Here’s a tip: Never let your sister steal the hose off you.
    Kind Regards

  • Maddie

    Hi Class,

    I love going to pools when it is a warm day! I go to the beach lots in summer and I enjoy going to the beach with my friends and family. I don’t usually have water fights but when we do my brother squirts me with his water gun and I get soaked…. so it’s not exactly fun!

    From Maddie

  • Holly

    Hi class,

    Last summer when it was really hot we went to seven mile beach nearly everyday with our boogie boards. One day the the waves were so big that everytime a wave came we got pulled under.

    Regards Holly

  • Alice

    Hi Class,
    I would like to have a pool because you could swim in it whenever you wanted. Here in Hobart I go to one of the pools nearly every month. I don’t have many water fights but when I do it’s always really fun.
    Regards Alice

  • Jess

    Hi Class,

    When I lived in Queensland we had a pool in our back yard so in summer I swam nearly every day!
    Here in Hobart I go to one of the pools nearly every holidays!
    I don’t have many water fights but when I do they are always really fun!


    • Mrs S

      Great comment, Jess.

      I would love to have a pool at my house. I would spend time in it every day but here in Tassie it would need to be undercover to be able to do that in Winter. I love going to the beach and being in the waves. I like diving under the big waves and feeling the powerful surge go over the top. Have you been to the beach much since moving to Hobart?

      Mrs S

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