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Word of the Week – diorama

September 6, 2012 · 1 Comment · Spelling

This week our word of the week was diorama. Mrs S chose this because of the ‘r’ sound (r as is robot) that was the same as our spelling investigations before the school performance and because she had read about Mr Price’s class  using dioramas and triaramas for their Bookweek work in one of their blog posts.

The images for this week’s Animoto were created by Jess, Alison and Maddie. They used MS Powerpoint to create all the slides and then saved them as JPEGs. Take a look at their creation.

We might have missed a few spelling observations out as the three girls found out that making each new image takes a bit of time. Please leave a comment listing any extra spelling or grammatical observations about our word of the week.


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