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Drawing from Partial Descriptions

July 20, 2013 · 15 Comments · Art, In The Classroom

We have been talking, reading and finding out about the Solar System.  Our class worked with Ms D to created a display in our room showing the planets in our solar system. It is not to scale and we did some research to let visitors coming into our room know about the large sizes and distances that we could not show on our wall.


At the other end of the display we let our imaginations go wild with a space battle. The wall gradually became full of spacecraft of all shapes and sizes. The picture here shows some of these.


Mrs S found a drawing challenge for us that tied in with our imaginative work on our space battle. She found some partial descriptions of some aliens and gave us the opportunity to draw an alien that was based on the details we were given. We were able to add extra ideas but we had to include all the parts that were listed.  Each group received three small squares. One had details about the head, one was about the body and arms and the last one gave details about the legs and feet. Some of our artists ran out of time. Their drawings may not be finished and we ask you to bear that in mind when adding comments.

Follow the picture links below to see each set of drawings. Each link will take you to a padlet where you will be able to look at our drawings and double click to add a sticky note. Can you spot the things that are the same about each drawing? What about the things that are different?

Group 1

Group 1

Group 2

Group 2

Group 3

Group 3

Group 4

Group 4

Group 5

Group 5

Group 6

Group 6

After looking at all the drawings Mrs S wondered why we often draw aliens that look so different. If there is life elsewhere in our very large universe might that life be similar to ours or very different?

Please leave a comment on this blog post telling us about your ideas. Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? What might it be like?



  • leakeysblog

    Hi 4-5DS,
    I love what you’ve done here. It’s really nice to mix the factual with the creative and you’ve definitely done that!
    I like the idea of giving some details and seeing how the rest is interpreted differently by different individuals, this definitely shows how unique we all are!
    What was the most interesting thing you learnt about the solar system and why?
    What did you most enjoy about the alien drawing activity and why?
    Happy blogging,
    Miss. Leakey

    • Mrs S

      Hi Miss Leakey

      Thanks very much for leaving a great quality comment on our blog.

      We all had great fun drawing our creatures and adding the extra details to make each one unique.

      One of the interesting things we have learnt about the solar system is how BIG it is. It is sometimes very hard to imagine the size of the planets and the distances between them.

      Mrs S is hoping that some of the class will add another reply to your comment with some more answers to the questions you have asked.

      Mrs S and 4/5 DS

  • Angus

    Hi Class
    I do believe in aliens. I think aliens look different to us because everything is different. You never know if a grasshopper is an alien or a fly is an alien.
    Have you ever done a space battle.

    Yours sincerely

  • louis

    Hi class
    I think that if there are extraterrestrial life out there it would be molecules blobbing around on mars.
    And I don’t aliens would be in the form of a human.
    from Louis

  • Georgie

    Hi class,
    Well I think there probably is life form somewhere in space but I think they would be very far away.I also think that they would look fairly different with some similarities.

    Also I really enjoyed the space battle mainly because I was in the star destroyers and we won.
    The reason we won was because mr hilliard decided we were most likely to win the battle.

    yours truely,

  • Ava

    Hi bloggers,
    Last term we did a lot of work on space.

    I believe there would be alien life forms but I’m pretty sure they would be bugs or they might look exactly like us!

    Last term we had alot of fun creating space ships for a space war. The teams were called the star destroyers and the planet protectors. My team was the plannet protectors.

    Unfortunately my team lost against the star destroyers but fortunately for me Ms D. liked mine and gave me 3 jelly babies! :)

    yours sincerly

  • james

    Hello fellow bloggers

    No, I do not think there is any thing else out there because the scientists would of found them by now. Maybe the aliens would of contacted us by now.

    Kind regards

  • Jordan

    I thing that aliens are real because no one can prove that there are no aliens somewere in the world. There might not be and maybe there is.
    From Jordan

  • Emily

    Dear Friends,

    First, I do think there are aliens in space, but probably really far away.
    Space is gigantic so it is likely we are not the only life forms in this galaxy.
    I like thinking that even though we call them aliens doesn’t mean they are called aliens and that they might call us aliens as well!

    Next, I really liked doing the space war.
    We were split into two teams; the star destroyers and the planet protecters.
    Most people made a imginative spaceship with lots guns, nuclear bombs, swords and dangerous blades.
    I was in Star Destroyers and we won the war.
    Our principal judged the space war.
    Even though I didn’t get to make a spaceship I really enjoyed helping to make the background and the Star Destroyers sign.
    It was really awesome!

    While we were studying space we did a planet presentation ,so, we were split into eight groups and we each chose a planet.
    My group chose Jupiter.
    We studied our planets and wrote down some facts and then we drew a poster about our planet.

    Thank you for reading my comment.

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Ben

    Hi Everybody,
    I enjoyed this piece of work that we were involved in, the space craft, drawing an alien and information on the 8 planets. It was great work to see what it would be like up in space, to see those strange planets. but the real question is – are there aliens up in space?

    from Ben

  • Django

    Hi class

    I think that those aliens were quite different in size and shape but were still awesome!
    that space war had alot of stylish space crafts but the lasers were hitting the other friendly space crafts.

  • Sam

    Hi everyone,

    I enjoyed working on the space crafts and finding out interesting things about a planet our group chose. Our group chose Mars. It was also interesting drawing aliens from a description.


  • Max R

    Hi Class and Bloggers,
    I always think about this. I think that there is life out there some where. They will not look like us. I think that their planet might be made out of jelly. The planets, space crafts and the aliens are really cool.

    from Max :)

  • Thomas

    Hi Class

    I liked doing the space battle with Ms Davis and doing the alien thing with Mrs Smith. They were both really fun.
    I thought everyone went well on the alien thing and the space battle and we all had a really fun time. I think that there might be aliens in another universe but we won’t find out for quite a long time. I think they will be humanoid but they might be taller or smaller than us.

    Kind regards Thomas

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Bloggers
    I think there probably is life somewhere in the Universe. However I don’t think they will be like us. They might even live underground or in the air.

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