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Pattern Block Families – The Challenge

August 13, 2013 · 30 Comments · Finding Out, Maths

We enjoyed creating Pattern Block Man so much that Mrs S gave us one last challenge. Watch our video to see the challenge we faced.

After we had created our families and double checked the ages we had some time left to create more things. It was sad when the recess bell went and we had to pack up all the pattern blocks and put them away.

What would you make with the blocks? What did you think of our families? How could we change the age of the people in our families? Please leave a comment with your ideas and suggestions.



  • zac

    Hi class
    I think the pattern block people were fun to make but it was a bit hard to make the wife.
    I think the son was the easiest to make.
    From Zac

  • Ben T

    Hi class,
    I enjoyed this piece of work. It was fun. You can change the value if you change the triangles age to 3 or somethig like that. Have a go at this challenge at home and also have a look at the movie.
    From Ben

  • Thomas

    Hey Sabastian,

    Thanks for the good question.
    I reckon 5 rhombi.
    My table were all very puzzled about some of the people and it looked like your table did as well.

    Kind regards
    From Thomas :)

  • Jordyn

    Hello Fellow Bloggers!
    If I could make anything it would be 2 metres tall and 3 metres wide.
    According to my table group the daughter was the hardest. I think it would be really hard to get all the ages right. I would not be able to do it without getting it wrong 100 times over.

    If I was able to make what I wanted to make would need 10 buckets of pattern blocks.
    I would make a family with a 3 metre wide 2 metre tall Turtle!
    The turtle would be made out of yellow hexagons and green triangles.
    Quite a strange turtle.

    Imagine doing it with squares. And only squares I know I wouldn’t be able to make a person.


  • Ava

    Hi class and fellow bloggers,

    I would really like to make a massive horse out of all the pattern blocks from one container.

    I would also like to make a humongous dog that would take up at least half of another container full of pattern blocks.

    They would probably take a really long time to make both of them but int he end it would probably be worth while.

    What would you make?

    Kind regards,

  • Sam

    Hi everyone
    I wound make a house for the family to live in.

    I thought it was heaps of fun making the block families and a great way to get us learning about maths in a fun way.

    We could change the age of the people in the family by adding more detail and other things.

    From Sam

  • HenkoS

    Hello Bloggers,
    I really enjoyed making the pattern block families and if I would make another I think I’d make a really big pattern block person. What pattern block would you make?

    Kind Regards Henko

  • Sabastian

    Hello Class,

    I think we have all been enjoying the pattern block maths with Mrs S. Using the pattern blocks is making maths even more fun! Also it’s just great because we are having fun while were learning. I personally liked the challenges Mrs S has given us. Working out what the shapes were was a little hard, but we pulled through.

    As you can see Mrs S took photos of our block men. Mine is on slide 8. My men are 30,30 and 18.My favourite shape that we used is the rhombus. I don’t really know why I like the rhombi, I like how they both look like a diamond. I know the blue rhombus is two times the size of the triangle.

    I think that if we use lots more rhombi it will keep on making little extra bits that will eventually be enough to make a second triangle.

    How many rhombi do you think it will take to make a second triangle?

    Happy Blogging :)

    From Sabastian

    • Max.R

      Hi Sabastian,

      Good question. I think that if you put five rhombi together it would make a triangle.

      From Max.R :)

  • Mrs L

    Hi Grade 4/5
    WOW! These are great. I love your families. It was obviously quite a challenge to make the daughter.
    I was wondering if it would have been easier or harder with squares instead of triangles.
    Mrs L.

    • Max H

      Hi Mrs L
      We could not find the value of the square. So we could not use the square so it is harder to use the squares then the triangles. I think the daughter was the hard to make too.

    • Jessie

      Hello Mrs L,

      Thanks, yes it was quite hard to make the daughter and make her look like a ‘human’.
      I really enjoyed making the scenes and houses. I wish I had ten buckets of pattern blocks so that I could make a massive town, but I might need more bucketes to make what I want to make.

      I am guessing it would have been a lot harder with squares, since you can’t fit any triangles into squares, which is the same with the white block, I’ve forgotten the name of it.

      Jess W

    • Angus

      Hi Mrs L
      We could not do anything with the squares because we could not find a value for it because two triangles could not fit into the square. So we could not use it. Mine is the second group of shapes.
      Which one do you like the most?

      Kind regards

  • james

    Hello fellow bloggers

    I’d make with pattern blocks a house so the pattern block family can live there.
    It was creative for the chidren to find the ages.
    To make it more of a challenge I would put each of the ages up a bit so it would be harder. and change the value of the shapes so that they were smaller.

    sincerely James

    • Django

      Hi James

      Just wondering what would the house look like? What ages would you choose? What numbers would you change the blocks to? I liked working with the pattern blocks and also doing maths and having lots of fun.

      Signing out again Django

  • Emily

    Dear bloggers

    I think making the pattern block people was really fun. It was quite hard to make because it was easy to get the age right but difficult to make it look like a person.

    I also liked the free time afterwards because everyone was very creative. In the photos everything looks really awesome and very original. I like how everyone came up with a different way to make things.

    I absolutely loved doing the pattern block work and hope we get to do it again this year.


  • Amy

    Hello Class and Fellow Bloggers,

    With 2 of my classmates I made a Pattern Block village. It had father, mother, daughter, son, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 elephant, 1 giraffe, a pyramid house, a u.f.o, and some stairs.

    I think because we all had to make the people the same age, most turned out quite similar. It was really fun and I think everyone enjoyed it.

    It would be fun if the whole class got together and made one big village.

    Can you make pattern block animals?


  • Angus

    Hi Class
    I enjoyed doing it. If we had more time I would have done a dog, penguin, crane, giraffe and elephant. I think the families were great. I had a great time doing it.

    What are your favourite shapes to use?

    Regards Angus

  • Jess

    Hey bloggers,

    I really enjoyed doing the Pattern Block Man stuff. Just before I started to type this, Georgie and I were planning our next pattern block house. We planned for a three storey house with three kids, a baby a son and a daughter with their mother and father.

    The challenge was fun but, as a lot of others have said, it was hard to make the ‘people’ look like people. I concentrated on making the ‘people’ look weird but still reconisable.

    I enjoyed making the ages depending on how many triangles could fit into them, but it would have been a lot easier if we didn’t, but then there would be mush of a point in doing it, or no point at all!

    I liked a lot of the other scenes and families, including the patterns that some of us made.
    We could change the age of our ‘people’ by changing the value of the triangle so that it would have to change the value of the other shapes, otherwise it wouldn’t make mauch sense.

    I really hope that we do that again, or we get a chance to play with them!

    Yours truly, very eager Jess

  • Max H

    Hi class,
    I would make a big man and use all of the blocks to make him. He would be cool and I would make him 3d. It would be hard to make him 3d but I think I could do it.

    • Amy

      Hello Max,

      Making 1 big man would be fun. If we made the mother, daughter and son big as well. You could make a giant pattern block town. What do you think made our pattern block families different?


  • Django

    Hello fellow bloggers

    I have just been looking at the shapes my class made we had to think up alot of different shapes. I think if your doing pattern block creations you need to think of creatures people and things and what blocks you might need.

    Signing out Django

  • georgie

    Hello class and bloggers,
    Well if I could make anything I wanted I would make a massive pattern 1m wide an one matre tall but the pattern would be flat on the ground though.

    I think that the pattern block families were good but some did not look the most like a person.

    Also to make the pattern block families a diferent age you should make the triangle the value of 0.1.Now that would make a big difference to the ages of the pattern block families.

    yours truly,

  • max.r

    Hello Bloggers,

    Because I am a bit hungry I think that I would like to make a sandwitch out of pattern blocks!

    I think that all the pattern block familys were really good.

    To change the age of the family we could make the triangles age 3.

    From Max.R :)

  • Lucy

    Hello Bloggers,
    I think the pattern block families were a bit hard to make, because of the certain ages we had to make them. With the blocks Max and I made a really big and colorful flower, we copied half of it from the pattern block box and the rest we just made up and it worked out in the end, but we did a bit of a twist and made the tips flat instead of making it pointy or curvy. I also made Albert Einstien.

    Kind Regards, Lucy

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Lucy
      I thought that they were hard to make because of their set ages as well.
      You seemed to have fun with the pattern blocks.
      I would like to see your Albert Einstien.
      Did you find out what the age of him was?
      From Elizabeth

  • Thomas

    Hey class
    Max and I thought it was quite difficult to do all
    of the Pattern Block People at first but once we did it we thought we thought it was quite easy!
    After that we got to make animals, aliens, motorbikes and pretty much anything you could think of!

    Please reply

    • Jordan

      Hello Thomas
      I think that making the pattern block man.
      Was easy when you got the hang of it.
      What do you think was the hardest think to do?

      From Jordan

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Class,
    I made the second picture with Rae and Amy, it was fun except we started to run out of blocks. I also like making Pattern Block Penguins.

    I like our families. I agree it was hard to make them look like people.

    To make their ages older we could add hair or hats.

    From Elizabeth

  • Jordan

    Hello Class
    This is what I would like to build a big famliy with lots of different things. And I realy liked macking the pattern block man. It was fun

    From Jordan

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