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On The Lookout for Some New Species.

September 11, 2013 · 32 Comments · Finding Out, Maths

Over the last month we have been working on creating an information book about a newly discovered alien creature. First of all we created our creatures by using cursive writing and symmetry. Take a look at our drawings. When Mrs S scanned these we were still working on them so some are not finished.

After that Mrs S colour copied our drawings so that we could add a background that showed where our creature lived. We then used a grid to re-draw our aliens so that they were smaller and we used this drawing to make a labelled diagram that show both the size of our creature and the most important features.

We worked hard on some first draft writing that contained lots of detail about our alien, the habitat that it lives in and any other important information. We looked at some information texts to find out what text features would be important to use in our writing. We found out that headings help the reader to find information quickly and that paragraphs have one main idea and some supporting detail. We used technical language to add detail to our writing. Information reports use formal language and are written in the third person. This means we needed to use “the, it and they” instead on “my or mine”. Information texts often include diagrams and maps so we needed to explore some maps before we created our own to add to our books. The Animoto below shows some of our labelled diagrams and maps.

 Would you like to explore far away places and find new things? Where would you go? What would you call an alien species if you discovered one? Please leave a comment telling us your thoughts.



  • Emily

    Dear Bloggers,

    I really enjoyed doing the aliens. It was really cool how you had to write your name in cursive and then try and write it reverse on the window.

    My favourite part would probably have to be drawing and colouring all the features in our aliens.

    I think the reason I named my alien species Zesqulips is probably because I like unusual letters like z and q.

    I think all the aliens turned out really well. They look really good now there finished (the pictures above are not finished). They all look fantastic!

    If I had a pet alien I would probably name it Extric.
    What would you name your pet alien if you had one?

    From Emily

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Amy
    I like your question I would probably call it something along the lines of Casosaur.
    What would you call it?
    If you discovered a species that looked like a cat but acted like a dinosaur what would you call that? I don’t know what I would call it but I do know that it would probably not be an ideal pet if you didn’t want to be dinner.
    From Elizabeth

  • Jess

    Hi readers and bloggers,

    I really enjoyed doing our Aliens, it was Awesome!
    I am happy with the way my Alien turned out.

    If I had to go on an adventure or to a new place I would go to a tropical island, but I wouldn’t want to go alone.

    If I found an Alien from another planet that looked like what most people think aliens look like(a green human-shaped alien with an over large head, big black eyes and a skinny body), then I would call it a Gretanina.

    Why do you think people think that an alien looks like that and do you agree with them?


    • Sabastian

      Hello Jess,

      I just wanted to say that’s a nice comment you have put up :) .

      I enjoyed making the aliens as well. The aliens idea was very creative. I liked how all we had to do was write our name in cursive.

      That sounds nice. If I went to a nice tropical island I would like to go alone.

      If I found a new species I don’t really know what I would do. I would probably catch one and become rich! I would call it SabberBobs.

      I looked up why people think aliens look like that and the websites don’t have any idea but people like to believe that back ages ago someone had seen aliens before.

      What do you think aliens look like?

      Happy blogging :)

      From Sabastian

    • Lilly

      G’day Jess

      No, I do not agree with them. I think that they look really cool. They could look really dark colours so we cannot see them like a school of fish swimming. Is there life out there or do we think that there is life out there?

      The place I would go is Hawaii. It is hot and sunny there and I would like to go to the moon. It must be freezing out there.

      From Lilly

    • Rae

      Hi Jess,

      I agree with you, I wouldn’t want to go on an island by myself. I would go to a sort of country place, because I have always been a country girl.

      I’m also very happy with what my alien looks like. My alien looks quiet cute when I draw it but if it was in real life it would look very awkward.

      I don’t know why I called my alien a zengalo. I just suppose I liked the name. I’m not really sure why people think aliens look like that but I do agree with them.

      Kind regards

  • Django

    Hi class

    I think it would be really interesting to find a new spieces and a new place.

  • louis

    Hi fellow bloggers
    I would love to explore a planet. There would be so many new things to look at and discover and make names for different animals.
    regards Louis

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Class
    I have liked finding new species.
    It would be cool to find something under the sea. Who knows what could be there?
    I called my alien a Quadratrapocula.
    From Elizabeth

    • Georgie

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I definitely agree with you that it would be pretty cool to find an awesome new species under the sea because there is more sea than land on earth. There could be a lot of new areas to explore.

      Also I am curious why would you call your alien species Quadratrapoculas? It is a cool name by the way.

      From Georgie

    • james

      Hi Elizabeth

      Why would you call your alien that?
      You could explore under he Titanic and see animals. It could be lots of fun.

      sincerly James

  • james

    Hi fellow bloggers

    yes I would like to visit a planet.
    I would like to visit another galaxy.
    I would call the alien cythraphin because they’d be like cyborgs.

    James sincerely

    • Jordan

      Hello James
      Your comment was good. I like the name Cythrephin. What galaxy would you like to visit?

      From Jordan

  • Max.R

    Hi Bloggers,
    I think that the alien idea was awesome! I would explore another galaxy. I would call my alien a xam. It is my name bakwards (max). Again I thorght the aliens were awsome1

    From Max.R :)

    • Ben

      Hi Max,
      I think that the alien idea was awesome too.
      I would love to visit your planet and alien in their habitat. and I did notice it was your name bakwards. I also loved your picture.
      from Ben :)

  • Max H

    Hi bloggers,
    I wolud like to explore a new place it wolud be so cool. My alien lives on a water planet it is a fish. What planet would your alien live on? I named it Tordaz. It is hard to find a good name for the alien but in the end it was Tordaz.
    From Max H

  • Angus

    Hi Class
    I would like to explore new places if i was encouraged to do it but if I didn’t have to I would not have liked to because I would much rather be discovering different things instead of far away places I would just like to focus on the things down here on earth.

    It would depend on what it looked like because I wouldn’t call an alien species an octopus because earth all ready has octopuses and I wouldn’t call it a clamp if it looked more like a spanner so it just depends on what it looks like.

    Do you think aliens exist? and if so why?

    From Angus

  • Rae

    Hi class and bloggers,

    I realy liked making our classes new species. Even though it took a few weeks, it was worth it. All of the classes aliens were amazing.

    It was fun tracing our names and finding out what our aliens were going to look like. My alien is number 019.

    When I first saw what mine was going to look like, I thought it looked realy weird but, when we coloured them in they looked cool.

    Kind regards

    • Jess

      Hi Rae,

      I agree with you, I loved creating a new speicies!

      Your alien is really cool. It’s a wonder how it carries it’s eyes with those tiny legs! Did you work out how it did?

      I read your book during silent reading and it looks like you have put alot of work into it.


  • zac

    Hi class
    I think that our aliens look really cool. Some bits were of the aliens were hard to make because on the little gird you had to get it perfect

    kind regards

  • lilly

    Hallo Class and Bloggers

    I would like to go to Hawaii because it is hot and sunny and because Bethany Helmeton is there. She is a famous surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. I named it Senob that is bones spelt backwards. It is the blue one with red eyes. It has gray inside and it is awesome.

    from Lilly

  • Sabastian

    G’day class,

    I think the whole class had fun with those aliens. I still like the idea of making them from our names in cursive, it’s very creative.

    My favourite part was when we had to make the background for our aliens as well as the map was cool too. The map was also a good idea because we were looking at maps and creating them.

    The hardest part was when we had to make a information sheet about our alien, it’s habitat, the breeding and more.

    My alien is the first one in the 7th row.

    Yes I would like to explore new things. I would like to explore the dwarf planet Pluto. I still consider Pluto to be a planet.

    If I discovered an alien species I would call them the sabberbobs.

    Do you think aliens exist?

    Happy Blogging :)

    From Sabastian

    • Max.R

      Hello Sabastian,
      I had a lot of fun doing the aliens too. I think that there are aliens out there somewhere. Maybe on another planet or in another galaxy. Do you think that there are aliens out there somewhere?

      From Max.R :)

  • Jordan

    Hi Everyone
    If I could go and explore far away places I would go out of the universe. I would like to see if there are any more planets out there. I would like to see new life forms.
    From Jordan

  • Ben

    Hi Class,
    I had heaps of fun doing this piece of work. My
    alien is number 005. It was so fun making a world of our own and our own report on our aliens. I would encourage this for anyone to have a go at this.

    From Ben

  • Thomas

    Hi fellow bloggers!

    I really thought the alien idea was awesome! I loved it! I think I would love to got outer space and find a new species of aliens! An alien species called X’illyaryam. Just an example. I think everyone enjoyed it especially the maps that we did! They were awesome!
    Seeya later

    Kind regards,
    From Thomas

    • Sam

      Hi Thomas

      I thought the alien work was awesome as wall.
      I would like to go to outer space to find a new species of alien.

      I like your name for your alien but I would call my alien Masoria.

      I also think everyone enjoyed the alien stuff. I especially liked drawing and then shrinking the alien we drew.

      From Sam :)

  • HenkoS

    Hello Class and fellow Bloggers,

    I would really like to go to The North Pole because I would really like to meet Santa Claus and see what happens there in The North Pole. I think that if I ever found an alien species I would name them the Okneh which is just Henko spelt backwards.

    Kind regards Henko

  • Sam

    Hi everyone

    I would like to fly away to explore new places and new things.

    I would go out of this galaxy and try and find other life forms.

    I think I would call the alien masoria is I found one because it’s my name backwards with a few extra letters.

    From Sam

  • Amy

    Hello Class and Fellow Bloggers,

    I would really like to go to Antarctica and see what I could find there.
    It would be cool to discover a new species but I think the name of the species would depend on what it looked like and what it does.

    If you discovered an alien that looked like a dinosaur but acted like a cat what would you call it?


    • zac

      Hi Sam
      I agree with you I would love to fly out to space and explore new places and things. It would also be cool to find a another new species.

      kind regards

    • henkoS

      Hi Amy

      I think it would be cool to visit Antarctica too. And in answer to your question I think that if I ever found a dinosaur that acted like a cat I would call it a catasaur which is dinosaur and cat mixed together

      Kind regards Henko

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