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Working Together to Create a Story

November 6, 2013 · 19 Comments · In The Classroom

We have been working on our writing and Mrs S has challenged us to write some 100 word stories using prompts from a great blog. After we had written a couple of 100 word stories Mrs S told us that some children at UPPS would like to collaborate on some 100 word stories with us. We were asked to write the beginnings of the stories which were then sent off to Miss Crowther and the children in 5/6 JC. They were given the challenge of finishing our stories for us.

Our Stories

Last week Mrs S received an email from Miss Crowther with our finished stories attached. It was very interesting to see how our stories ended. Many of us were surprised by the very inventive endings that were written and we all agreed that the endings were definitely different to the ones we had thought of whilst writing the beginnings. We have illustrated our stories and they will be on our class walls for us to read. We have also added a picture link to a Google Document that has all the stories in it for us to share with our blog readers.

Have you ever shared the writing of a story? What was harder – creating the start and sending it away or receiving the start and having to create the ending? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.



  • Miss Crowther

    Hello Mrs Smith and 4/5DS,

    I like how reflective you have all been in your comments.

    We enjoyed writing the endings for your narratives. Writing the ending was trickier than we had imagined. It was good fun trying to think of a suitable ending and we wondered if you would like them.

    Reading your blog post about the 100WC, the ‘rusty gate’ that was in the narratives all makes sense now!

    Thanks for writing such fantastic beginnings and collaborating with us.

    Miss Crowther :)

  • HenkoS

    Hello Class and fellow Bloggers,
    I Definitely think writing the beginning of the story is easier than having to write the end because writing the beginning you can think of anything you want.
    Kind Regards Henko

  • Georgie

    Hi classmates and bloggers,

    Well actually I have never shared the writing of a story with anyone before.

    I think it would be a lot harder to create the start of the story because you have to think of the base idea.

    But making the stories was very interesting because you don’t expect the end of the story to be the way it is written.

    Yours truly,

  • Amy

    Hello Everybody, I did not get to do a story but it looked hard and fun. I think the stories all turned out interesting. I heard my classmates saying how different the endings were to what they would have written. Some stories turned out very strange but they were all very good. I really liked them all. Kind Regards Amy

  • Jordan

    Hello Bloggers,
    I liked writing the stories they were fun. My favourite story was The Freaky Christmas By Max.R and Daniel. It was a funny story. The best thing about writing the stories was you got to write with people you don’t know.

    From Jordan :)

  • Lucy

    Hello class and fellow bloggers,
    Before we did the starts and got the other class to do the endings I hadn’t done it before. It was very fun. Thank you Mrs S for the experience of working on a story with another class in another school. Next time I hope to create the end to a story.

    Kind Regards Lucy

  • Jess

    Hello readers,

    I really enjoyed writing the first part of the story. I suppose I like all writing anyway.

    I liked how we had to use the words ‘the rusty gate creaked’. It could mean that I could create a horror story.

    The ending,’ an alarm went off and skeletons, vampires and zombies ate them’, was a little harsh and quite unexpected, but I’m a girl and the person who ended the story was a boy. Anyway, the ending was cool how he decided the haunted house would be like.

    I hope we can do the ending for a story sometime, because I haven’t written ending yet and I would quite like to.
    I think creating an ending might be harder, since you have to read and understand the start, then make an ending that would suit it. They would probably be about the same though, but not quite.


  • Max.R

    Hello Bloggers,
    Yes I have shared a book. It was with my sister. I think that it was harder to send it away and let the other people make the ending. When I wrote story I thought that the ending was going to be that the ghost came and ruined Christmas (my story is the ninth one down). But Mrs Claus farted and killed everyone in the street.
    I would like to thank Daniel for finishing my story.

    From Max.R :)

  • Thomas

    Hey Fellow Bloggers!, I liked writing half of my story and thought that the other half was great as well! The story was about my brother scaring me but it was just a dream. Kind regards Thomas

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Class
    I liked writing the first half of the story.The ending by Sophie wasn’t what I’d expected though. It was meant to be spooky and it ended out that she was all safe.Even though it was not what I’d expected Sophie did a good job.
    The hardest part was adding the rusty gate creaked.

  • Sam

    Hi everyone,

    I really enjoyed wording on the stories and then reading what the person had finished it off with.

    It was fun creating the story and then receiving the finished story but I reckon it would be hard finishing the story off.

    My story started off with a spooky house and his friend coming over then it ended off with a gate that when opened it turned the house invisible.

    From Sam.

  • Sabastian

    Hello Class,

    I really enjoyed the work with the 100 word stories. I’t was really hard only using 100 words but after a while I got it.

    My story turned out no where near as close as I would of ended it. But it was kind of a creative twist.

    My story started as a Horror sort of thing and ended up to be about a man, tears and flowers.

    No I haven’t until now.In my opinion finishing a story from somebody else would be a lot harder so I have to give them a little credit.

    How do you feel about the “100 Word Challange”?

    Please leave a reply and tell me your thoughts.

    Happy Blogging :)

    From Sabastian

  • Jordyn

    Hello Class and Fellow Bloggers, I read everyone else’s stories and it seemed like nobody got the ending they were thinking about. Some of them were scary and then they turned into stories that were not scary, Lots of the stories were really creative and looked like a whole story that would actually fit with the first part of the story. It’s pretty cool how being in a spooky haunted house and almost dying can change all of a sudden to waking up in your bedroom. Kind Regards Jordyn

  • james

    Hello Bloggers
    Yes I have shared writing a book with my sister. I think it would be harder receiving the start because you’d have to go along with their guide lines.
    Sincerely James

  • Rae

    Hello Class and Bloggers, I liked reading those stories. They are all great. My favourite story is the haunted garden by Elizabeth. It is really good. My story is called the Creaky Castle by Rae and the ending by Brodee. I am quiet pleased with my ending. Brodee did a good job. Kind regards Rae

  • Ben

    Hello Bloggers,
    It was great fun writing a story to someone who would finish it for you. I think it would be harder to finish the story than start it because the person who started it could be writing a love story, but the person who finishes it might like action stories.
    From Ben

  • Emily

    Dear Friends and Bloggers, I really love the collaborative stories the class wrote. I had lots of fun coming up with the beginning of my story. Like Mrs S said, the endings were definitely a lot different than we expected.My story is ‘Witch’. I really liked all the stories we created even if some of them are a bit wierd! I think next time we do this again I would probably like to try doing the ending.The ending is supposed to be harder than the beginning because it’s someone else’s idea and you need to catch on. I think I like Louis’ the best. I really like how creative he was when he was writing it. What is your favourite? From Emily

  • zac

    Hello class
    I think it would be harder to write the ending because you want to try and write what they would write. I have never shared a piece of writing with anyone so it was really cool to be able to do it. Did you like the 100 word challenge?

  • Angus

    I really liked doing the start because I could just make it up and not have to go on with it and try to make sure it sounded right at the end. I did not expect the ending that I got because it was not totally loony but it wasn’t what I expected.

    Kind Regards Angus :}

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