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Looking at Perimeter

November 17, 2013 · 30 Comments · Finding Out, Maths

In Maths we have been working on our understanding of perimeter. We used pattern blocks to explore perimeter with informal units of measurement and then used an interactive with our IWB to find out more about calculating the perimeter of rectangles and triangles.

Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a closed shape. We can measure the perimeter of a shape using many things but need to make sure that the unit of measurement stays the same.

We found out that different shapes can have the same perimeter. Watch our Animoto to see some of our work.

What things in this world do we need to know the perimeter of? Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts.



  • lilly

    Hi everyone

    We had fun doing this. What things in this world do we need to know the perimeter of? If you are a builder you need to know perimeter.

    From Lilly

  • Max H

    Hi mrs layfield,
    Thank you for comment on the blog. What are your class looking at in other work. We are not doing much because it is the end of the year for us.
    From Max H

  • Emily

    Dear friends and bloggers,

    I enjoyed doing perimeter this term. Something that surprised me was that some shapes looked really small but it had a very big perimeter and vise versa.

    I agree with Mrs Layfield. It’s really interesting that lots of children are learning the same things at the same time.

    I think it’s important that we know the perieter of houses and tall buildings.

    Fond Regards,

  • sophie

    Hi Mrs Monghan

    We have been learning perimeter. It has been very fun. One of the surprising things is that if you look at a shape from a distance it looks bigger then you expect.
    Hope you have fun.


  • Sabastian

    Hello Mrs Monaghan,

    Thank you for leaving a comment on our wonderful school blog.

    Thank you, we put alot of time and effort into perimeter. No I didn’t find anything suprising.

    I aggre music is a great way to learn about perimeter. Mrs S and our class listened to an educational song about perimeter.

    How did your class feel about the perimeter song?

    Happy blogging :)

    From Sabastian

  • Angus

    Hello class
    I liked doing work on perimeter because we got to use pattern blocks.We need to know the perimeter of houses, cars, buildings and lots more that I can not think of right now.
    Happy Christmas

  • Max.R

    Hello fellow Bloggers,
    I think that the perimeter posters are awesome!
    Some things that we need to know the perimeter of are buildings and bridges. Can you measure the perimeter of a circle?

    from Max.R :)

  • Mrs layfield

    I’m from a school in England. My year 5 class are also learning about area and perimeter at the moment. I think my children will find it really interesting that children all over the world are learning the same things.
    Have a look at our blog site to have a look at what we are learning.

    • Jess

      Hello Mrs Layfield,

      I enjoyed working on perimeter. When the shape isn’t a normal shape, that makes it more fun.

      Thank you for the link, we will probably leave a comment sometime soon.

      Kind regards,

    • Elizabeth

      Hello Mrs Layfield
      I’m a grade 4 from Tasmania.
      We are at the end of our school year and looking forward to Christmas.So we won’t be exploring perimeter for much longer. It has been fun but I prefer Holidays.
      Does it snow in England for Christmas?
      Have fun learning about perimeter!
      From Elizabeth

    • Thomas

      Hello Mrs Layfield,
      Thank you for the good comment and happy Christmas! I am also interested that people all around the world are learning about perimeter as well. Thnak you for the very interesting comment.

      Until next time

      Thomas =)

  • Elizabeth

    Hi class
    I liked measuring perimeter.
    I liked making the posters that had polygons on them.
    Some things we need to measure the perimeter of are houses .
    From Elizabeth

    • Amy

      Hello Elizabeth,

      I liked measuring perimeter as well.
      The posters with the polygons on them were hard but fairly fun.
      Yes we should find out the perimeter of our houses.


  • Ava

    Hello 4/5 DS and Bloggers,
    I really enjoyed working on perimeter. At the start it wasn’t the easiest thing to do but now it is a lot easier.
    I think that the animation was very good and I enjoyed watching it.
    Kind regards,

  • Georgie

    Hi class mates and bloggers,
    I think this is sad but you actually need to know the perimeter of coffins. Which I think is sad. But you also need to know the perimeter around a hat so it fits. Also I think that the perimeter work we did was cool.
    Yours truly Georgie

  • Jess

    Hello Mrs Monaghan,

    We really enjoyed making the shapes. Something that surprised us, I can’t really think of anything that surprised us, but it was a while ago that we did them now.

    Sometimes a catchy tune helps you remember mathematical terms, yes, that would help me with times tables. I’m not very good at times tables, but I am with my three times tables and that’s because I used to listen to it on Mathletics, Times Tables Toons. I really helped!


    • Django

      Dear fellow bloggers

      You are so right about remembering times tables when listening to tunes. My mum has even taught me one so I know my 3 times table and it works incredibly!

      Signing off Django

  • Emily

    Dear Mrs Monaghan and friends,

    Thank you for the lovely comment you sent us. I really liked reading what you thought about our work. I think one of the things that surprised me was that it’s actually really hard to make a shape with less than 14 units of measurement with two trapeziums, two rhombuses, a hexagon, two of the small rhombuses and a square.

    I agree with you, a catchy tune sometimes reminds you of something but it’s not always a mathematical term. I recently read a book where the main character remember lots of things from having apples dropped on her head except for what she wanted to think about (don’t worry the apples didn’t hurt her head).

    If you hear a certain song/tune what does it make you think of?

    Fond Regards,

  • Jordyn

    Hello class and people reading this blog,

    Perimeter is fun to work out and it’s also quite an easy thing to do,

    The challenge was fun because we got to make up 5 different shapes and make the perimeter to equal 44,

    So for an example you use a square which has four side and you can do elevens because it has 4 sides, so 4×11 = 44, It was really simple, And you can even make up your own shapes they don’t have to be normal

    So you can do any shape not just a circle or a square,

    I found the challenge quite fun and easy and a good maths activity.

    From Jordyn

  • james

    Hello fellow bloggers

    The thing in this world that we can see the perimeter is the outside of any shape.
    Can we see the perimeter of a circle?

    Sincerely James

    • Zac

      Hi James
      No you can’t see the perimeter of a circle because it has no sides. I think that doing the perimeter and area was a bit tricky but it was also fun at the same time.
      kind regards

    • Jordan

      Hello James
      I dont think that you can see the perimeter on a circle because it has no sides. It was a bit hard when you first started but then you got used to it. Thank you James for posting a comment.

      From Jordan

    • louis

      Hello Bloggers
      Is it possible to measure a perimeter
      of a circle?
      from Louis

  • Jordan

    Hello It was hard to draw all the shapes with a perimeter of 44. But I just finished it in time. We need to know perimeter so we can measere the outside of a shape. From Jordan

    • james

      Hello Bloggers

      Jordan why did you think it was hard to draw the shapes with length of 44 centimetres. I thought the hard part was finding the meaning.

      Sincerely James

    • Sam

      Hi Jordan

      I agree it was hard getting the perimeter to equal 44.
      Yes I think it is important to know how to measure the perimeter around a shape too.

      From Sam

  • Ben

    Hi Everybody,
    Perimeter is the measurement of the outside of a shape or figure. I think that this piece of work was not hard there for it was not challenging to complete. Because the sums that you had to complete were not that challenging. from Ben

  • Mrs Monaghan

    Hello Mrs S and class,
    I loved the shapes you made, and thought it was a great way to investigate perimeter. Did you find out anything that surprised you?
    Sometimes a catchy tune helps you remember mathematical terms – although my class don’t thank me for getting the tune stuck in their heads, this video is a great way to remember area and perimeter!
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Amy

      Hello Mrs Monaghan,

      One thing that was surprising was that sometimes a shape looked big but it didn’t have a very large perimeter.
      I think we should know the perimeter of some of the really tall buildings.


      • Lucy

        Hello Amy,

        Yes I agree that some shapes looked big but their perimeter wasn’t.

        Yes I think we should measure the perimeter of tall buildings.

        King Regards Lucy

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