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Last week during our time with Mrs S we looked at some posters about The Parts of a Reader, Mathematician and a Writer. We used these as the starting point to create our Word of the Week book covers with The parts of a Speller on them. We can use this to remind us of all the things we do that help us with our spelling. There are some interesting suggestions in this blog post that might help us with our learning of Β new words.

While Mrs S was doing some reading about education and learning she wondered whether there was another poster we could create. Could we make one for The Parts of a Learner? She wondered what do we do when we learn. How do we use the different parts of our body to help us learn a new idea or concept? What do we need to think about to become a better learner?

Mrs S found this video, by another teacher who blogs, where she asked some of her students to talk about learning.

How do you learn? What helps you to learn? Please leave a comment to start a great conversation about learning.

9 thoughts on “Thinking about Learning

  1. Hi Angus,

    I think the same thing the thing that you where talking about is called the nervous system so its like someone inside you is telling you what to do, for an example put the cat out, wash you hands and unpack your bag. See you tomorow!

    Kind regards, Thomas

    • Hi Thomas and thanks for leaving a comment on our class blog.

      Our nervous system is indeed the system that receives and controls information from our body. Messages are sent and received through our nerves and the central nervous system (our brain and spinal cord) controls all this information.

      Mrs S

  2. Hi 4/5 DS
    I think learning is about using your brain in different ways like if you want to read a book, your brain sends a message to your eyes to tell them to look at the words.

    Thanks Angus

    • Hello Angus and welcome to our class blog.

      Thanks for suggesting one way our brain and eyes work together to help us learn.

      How do you think we can become a better learner?

      Mrs S

  3. Hello 4/5DS
    I think that learning is all about listening because when you listen to someone else you are tacking more information that you didn’t know before and storing it in your brain to pass on to others and then you are helping other people learn to.Another thing that helps you learn is making mistakes because you almost allways learn from your mistakes and that makes you remember for the next time.
    kind regards Alice

  4. Hello Mrs S & 4/5s,

    I think it is amazing how people have their favourite ways of learning new things. Have you heard about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences? If you haven’t perhaps you could find out about them.

    The fact that our brain has two sides is also pretty cool. Can you find out what each side does?

    There are some other things which help to learn. They are being able to see and hear what I have to do and ask questions. I also like to be comfortable and not too hot or cold. Fussy, aren’t I?

    I look forward to seeing the new things you learn this year and hearing about how you learn them.

    Happy blogging!
    Miss Crowther πŸ™‚

    • Hello Mrs Crowther,

      On behalf of our class I just want to say thank you for comment.
      Yes it is cool how everyone learns in other ways. No I have not heard of Gardiner’s Intelligences. Our brains are not as they seem! We have such a large brain and we only use up to 15% of our whole brain.

      I have heard that the right side of our brain is the key and the left holds your knowledge. Yes they do help us learn. At school I think if you ask questions you are thinking. That’s not to fussy – nobody likes being freezing or so hot that the sun feels cold!

      I don’t know why Mrs S bought it up the other day but I don’t like taking the top bit of paper off the stack. Yeah and we looking forward to doing lots of things this year!

      Thank you so much for the amazing comment we look forward to hearing more from you πŸ™‚ .
      What do you like about learning?

      From Sabastian

      • Hi Sabastian,

        Thank you for replying to my comment. Your comment is an excellent example of a blog comment. Great job!

        It’s funny how you don’t like taking the top piece of paper off a stack. I don’t like taking the first item on a shelf at the supermarket. I always go for the one hiding behind it!

        I like many things about learning, including how you never stop! No matter how old you are or where you live there is always something more to learn. I am also amazed how much information we can retain.

        I did not know that we only use up to 15% of our brains. What is the other 85% doing?

        What is the most amazing thing you have learnt this week?

        Happy learning and blogging!
        Miss Crowther

  5. Hello Class,

    Yeah I enjoyed those book cover things. Although I’m not that good at drawing :(. That’s a good idea putting the link to the old post in there because that explains more about the word of the week book.

    Wow that link really tells you about spelling! I think the most important thing about spelling is reading. I agree with the first one he said the most. If you can’t read then you can’t explore new words and you can’t read what you are writing.

    My top 3 ideas on what learning is:
    3. Learning is discovering new things.
    2. Learning is observing.
    1. Learning is your knowledge and knowledge you are gaining.

    I learn by hard work, school, websites and book’s mostly. Concentration helps me learn and also wanting to find out more instead of going to school or something and then forget about in the next hour. My advice for people who aren’t great learners in to never give up and just focus on the task.

    Does anyone have some advice for people who aren’t good learners?

    Kind Regards Sabastian πŸ™‚

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